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Los Angeles Area Court Records

Using the Los Angeles Area Court Records (LAACR) at The Huntington

Requests for Reproductions

A visit to the library is not required to request copies of case files. PDFs and photocopies are available at rates equal to or less than current comparable rates at the Los Angeles County Archival Records Center ($0.50 per page). In some cases, the fragile condition of individual items may prevent the making of copies or require reproduction by digital photography. Some fragile material was removed during the inventory process and placed in a separate “Items Removed” series, which is itemized in the appendix of the finding aid.

PDF files are electronically delivered and photocopies will be mailed for a $10 fee via USPS.

All researchers should request reproductions through Aeon, our library's request management system. Aeon users may follow the instructions below or see our Imaging Services guide to order digital reproductions or photocopies of case files.

N.B. Researchers requesting certified copies should contact the library for assistance.

How to order reproductions using the plaintiff-defendant database:

  1. Click on the "Aeon Request" button and select "Request Image."
  2. Log in to your Aeon account when prompted.
  3. Make sure all fields with an asterisk are complete.
  4. Input "mssLos Angeles court records" in the call number field.
  5. Select formatting details for Imaging Services, including shipping and services level.
  6. Complete details for Intended Use.
  7. When order details are complete, click on "Submit Request."