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Prints, Posters and Ephemera

A guide to prints, posters and ephemera at The Huntington.

The New Education printThe Library's Education Collections provide a rich visual resource for studying the history of American educational institutions, methods and materials, as well as a perspective on student life and activities during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Items include view prints of secondary schools and colleges, instructional books and charts used in classrooms, rewards of merit, as well as students’ ciphering and copy books. 

Of particular interest are the collections devoted to art education, especially the Diana Korzenik Collection, which represents the evolution of art education in the United States from the beginning of the 19th century through the middle of the 20th. Compiled by Professor Korzenik, the collection reflects specific techniques and values employed in the education of children and budding artists of all ages. In addition to theoretical and instructional books aimed at educators and parents, there are also drawings, papers and supplies created or used by students.  

Image credit: The New Education. New York: Diamond Litho-Pub’g Co, 1897-1898. priJLC_EDU_001932, Jay T. Last Collection. Gift of Jay T. Last, 2005.  

Education Collections

Diana Korzenik Collection of Art Education Ephemera and Books, 1780-1982
Assembled by Massachusetts professor Diana Korzenik over nearly three decades, the collection is composed of instructional materials (e.g. art instruction manuals, art reproductions, drawing books, drawing cards, painting books, penmanship books, etc.), objects (e.g. boxed painting sets, drawing slates, models, drawing desks, colored pencils, crayons, paint, etc.) and non-instructional materials (e.g. promotional materials, scrapbooks, coursework by Korzenik's students, catalogs, etc.). 
Call number: ephKAEE

Jay T. Last Collection of Education Prints and Ephemera, 1788-approximately 1930
Holding over 1,800 printed items related to education in the United States from 1788 to approximately 1930, the collection highlights institutions, products and services relating to personal knowledge, understanding, character building and moral and social qualities including the tools, equipment, supplies and structures used for learning and teaching these disciplines in the United States in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Call number: priJLC_EDU

Jay T. Last Collection of Printing & Publishing: Louis Prang Archive
Chronicling the business history of Boston lithographer Louis Prang through art prints, advertisements, printed volumes, and promotional ephemera produced by L. Prang & Co. and its successor companies: Prang Educational Company and Taber Prang Art Co., the archive provides a resource for studying the business and output of one of the most influential major lithographic firms in the United States in the 19th century. The images provide information about American tastes and culture as well as the evolution of advertising strategies.
Call number: priJLC_PRG