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How to Use My Library

Learn how to request general collections materials and access subscription databases.

With My Library, readers with an active library card can:

  • Request books from The Huntington's general collections stacks, which consist of secondary sources such as printed and published books, journals and magazines.
  • Track and manage their circulation history.
  • Access hundreds of subscription databases and electronic journals.
  • Generate a record of general collections titles consulted while working at The Huntington.
  • Save library catalog searches.
  • Build thematic lists of material relevant to their research.

You may create a My Library account after receiving a library card during your first-visit orientation with Reader Services. Visit the Using the Library guide for more information about visiting the library.

Visit our FAQs page for answers to frequently asked questions about My Library. If you need further assistance, please contact the library.

Setup Your My Library Account

1) Visit the My Library page.

2) Enter your username and leave the PIN field blank.

My Library Login page.

3) Click "Submit" when ready.

4) Create a PIN when prompted on the next screen.

NB: Your username is identical to your Aeon username. Your PIN can be between 4-15 characters (alpha or numeric) and cannot contain special characters.

1) Visit the My Library page.

2) Enter your username and password.

3) Click on "Submit."

My Library login page.

N.B. We recommend logging in to your account before beginning a search. Doing so allows you to track your searches and save records.

To protect your privacy, The Huntington Library does not automatically save your general collections checkout history. To track your book checkouts or export records using ProCite, EndNotes, or RefWorks, you must opt-in to save your reading history. Although Step 3 is optional for My Library account setup, it is recommended.

For full details on the opt-in feature, see Reading History below.

Please visit our Privacy page to learn more about the library's policy.

Navigating Your Account

When searching the catalog, you can request a book by placing a hold on materials with the status "On Shelf." Recalls can be placed for materials with the status "Checked Out." Our staff will deliver holds to your assigned shelf in the Rothenberg Reading Room or borrow the book from the library user and lend it to you for seven days. Once you have finished using the book, place it on a return cart. To initiate a hold or recall request:

1) Log in to your My Library account.

2) Visit the library catalog record for the item you want to check out.

3) Click on the "Request" button, located above the description of the item.

Recall notice in the library catalog.
4) On the next page, confirm the details of the request and click on "Request Selected Item."

Item Selection form for recall requests.

The library catalog does not automatically keep a record of your general collections checkout history to safeguard your privacy. The opt-in feature of your My Library account is entirely optional. You're welcome to continue to opt-out, but note that Reading Services will be unable to retrieve your reading history. If you would like to maintain a record of books checkouts:

1) Log in to your My Library account.

2) Select "Reading History" from the menu located on the left side of the page.
Reading History in the My Library account menu.

3) Click on "Opt-In" to start recording your reading history.
Opt-in from your My Library account Reading History option.

N.B. You may opt-out at any time to delete the record of your reading history.

My Library is configured to default to your general collections checkouts list after login. If you have placed a recall request for a general collection item(s), that item will appear by default instead.

Book checkouts list.

The "My Lists" feature allows you to create lists of library catalog records for later review. You can sort your lists, request titles, export records, delete entries, rename lists and move records between lists. You may also thematically group material from the general collections and rare collections together.

Save a single record to a list:

1) Log in to your My Library account and begin a library catalog search.

2) Open an item record and click on "Add to My List."

Add to My List from the library catalog record
3) Select a list or create a new one, then click "Submit" to save the record.

Save multiple records at once:

1) While logged into your My Library account, conduct a library catalog search.

2) From the search results page, click on the checkboxes next to the records you wish to save.

3) Open the dropdown menu labeled "Select a list." 
Add to My List from the search results page.

4) Make a list selection or create a new one, and click on "Add Marked to My Lists."

Store "Preferred Searches" to revisit later. Searches will group in your account by the type of search (e.g., keyword search, subject search, etc.).

Save a preferred search:

1) Log in to your My Library account and select a search option from the menu on the far left of the page.

2) Conduct a search in the library catalog.

3) When results are displayed, click on "Save as Preferred Search" on the right side of the page.
Preferred Searches in the library catalog.

Recreate a preferred search:

1) Revisit your My Library account and select "Preferred Searches" from the menu options.

2) From your list, click on the "Search" hyperlink to repeat a saved preferred search.
Repeat a preferred search from your saved searches list.

The due date for your general collections checkouts is the same as the expiration date of your reader's card. To renew your books:

1) Log in to My Library account.

2) Select "Items currently checked out" from the menu located on the left side of the page.

3) Click on the checkbox next to the items you want to renew and select "Renew Marked Items."
Renew marked books in My Library.

4) Alternatively, to renew all of your checkouts, click on "Renew All."

5) Confirm your renewals by selecting "Yes" or "No."
Confirm renewals in My Library.

6) When your renewals are successful, a new due date will appear in the STATUS column of your list.
Successful status of book renewals in My Library.

N.B. If the materials cannot be renewed, you will see the message, "Not all renewals were successful." Details will be listed in the STATUS column. Please contact the library if you have questions or concerns about renewing books.

You must be logged in to My Library account to export records from My Lists, Reading History, or saved records from the library catalog. You may choose the file format and export option.
Export options in My Library.

Export My Lists

1) Open the list you wish to export.

2) Click on "Export My List" from your table options.

3) Select the file format and export option.

4) Click on "Submit" to complete the export.

Export Saved Marked Records

1) While browsing the library catalog, select records for saving by clicking on the checkbox next to the title, and "Save Marked Records."

2) Click on "View Marked Records."

4) Select the file format and export option.

5) Click on "Submit" to complete the export.

Export Reading History

1) Open your reading history.

2) Click on "Export My Reading List" from your table options.

3) Select the file format and export option.

4) Click on "Submit" to complete the export.

Huntington Library Mobile

Reader Services is excited to introduce our new mobile app designed to help make checking out general collections materials and managing your library account quick and convenient. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. To download, search for “The Huntington Library Mobile” on the App Store or Google Play, or follow the links below:

With Huntington Library Mobile, you can:

  • Check out items right from your device.
  • Manage your library account and access a digital library card.
  • View and register for upcoming Huntington events.

1) Launch the app and tap the Account icon.

2) Enter your My Library username and PIN, then tap Log In. A “success” message will pop up when you have logged in successfully. Need help logging in? Contact the library for assistance.

You may link more than one library account to the app on your device. If you have more than one library account registered on your app, be sure to tap the name of the library user whose account you wish to use before proceeding.

Tap the Account icon to view and manage your checkouts, holds requests, and reading history (if opted-in*).

  • Card Wallet: View your digital library card.
  • Checked Out Items: View a list of items currently checked out to you.
    • Tap the Renew button below each title to renew an item.
    • To renew multiple items at once, tap the bubble next to each item you wish to renew, then tap the Renew Selected button at the bottom of the screen.
  • My Holds: View a list of your active holds, cancel a hold, and view your position in an item’s hold queue.
    • To cancel a hold, click the Manage button below each title, then select Cancel.
    • To cancel multiple holds at once, tap the bubble next to each item you wish to cancel, then tap the Manage Selected button at the bottom of the screen. Select Cancel.
    • Be advised that the Suspend/Unsuspend/Modify Pickup options are unavailable at this time.
  • My Reading History: View a record of your checkout history.*

*To safeguard your privacy, your reading/checkout history is not automatically recorded. If you’d like to opt-in to begin recording your reading history, visit the My Library guide – in the Navigating  Your Account section, click on the Reading History tab for instructions.

You may opt-out at any time to delete the record of your reading history.

1) Tap the Mobile Checkout icon.

2) Hover your device over the item’s barcode (typically on the back cover).  Be sure the red line is held over the barcode.

3) The item is now checked out to your account. Your device may vibrate when the checkout process is successful.

4) Tap the Checkouts tab to view information about the checked-out item, including the due date.


5) To send yourself a checkout receipt, tap Email Receipt. This will open the email app on your phone and allow you to send the receipt to the email address of your choice.

6) Tap the Camera tab to continue checking out items or tap the Home icon at the bottom of the screen to return to the main menu.

Library Events: Tap to view upcoming events, such as Brown Bag Talks and Reader Coffee Hour.

Library Information: Tap to view the library’s contact information and opening hours. For directions to the Huntington, tap the library’s address to open the Maps/Navigation app on your device.

Digital Library Card: Tap to view your digital library card, including the expiration date and barcode.

Checkout Procedures and Request Limit

You may check out or request up to 10 general collection items per day, with a maximum total of 20 items checked out at a time. Space permitting, materials can be held for 60 days. To return an item, place it on the "Returns" book truck in the Rothenberg. The Huntington's collection is non-circulating; all materials must be used within the library.

General collections materials in open stacks areas are self-serve; you can retrieve these materials directly from the shelf. See the Library Map for shelf locations.

The following General Collections stacks areas are open to readers:

  • Central Basement
  • Central Hallway
  • North Hallway
  • North Wing (Second and Third Floors only)
  • Rothenberg Balcony

Materials from these areas must be checked out at the self-checkout station in the Donno Lounge.

The East, South, North Wing Basements, and Botanical Library remain closed to readers. You can request general collections materials in closed stacks areas through your My Library account.

Library staff retrieve materials at:

  • Monday, Thursday, and Friday: 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m.
  • Requests submitted after the final retrieval time of the day will be retrieved at 9:00 a.m. the next business day.

Requested materials are delivered to the holds shelf in the Rothenberg. Find your materials by looking for the bookmark with your first and last name. For more information about holds, please speak with the attendant in the Rothenberg. 

E-Z Proxy Login

Whether you're on campus or working remotely, your My Library account credentials provide access to The Huntington's subscription databases and electronic journals. You will be prompted to log into your account when attempting to access a subscription or electronic journal.

Suggest Library Purchases

Your My Library account allows instant access to the form Suggest Library Books for Purchase. The link can also be found on the left-hand navigation bar of the library catalog.

To suggest a purchase, you must be logged into your account. Submitted suggestions are reviewed by our Acquisitions, Cataloging and Metadata department.

The Suggest a Purchase form in My Library Account.