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Early California Population Project

An overview of The Huntington library's Early California Population Project database and user guide.

The ECPP database is structured around the individual records the missionaries created to document the administration of every baptism, marriage and burial they performed in the California missions.

The ECPP is best used alongside the Guide to Users. This guide will provide you with detailed search strategies, as well as pertinent keywords and abbreviations you’ll need to search the database with efficiency. 

Search Tips

The following is a sample search for Mariano Castro's baptismal record:


1. Select "Baptismal" under Record Type.


2. Select the criterion, "Ego's Spanish Name" and enter "Mariano."


3. Add the clause "and" and then select the second criterion, "Ego's Surname" and enter "Castro."


4. Click Find to view the results. Four records were retrieved matching the criteria. Click View in the Details column to view individual records.


5. Example of an individual record:


Please note: Boolean operators may be used to either broaden or narrow  your queries in the Basic Search function. Learn more via our detailed User Guide.